Insurance claims process

Insurance claims can be very stressful. 

After powerful storms come through the area there is often a lot of anxiety.

Do I have damages?  Are those damages urgent to repair?  Do I need an emergency tarp or covering?  Do I have insurable damage that would be covered by my insurance company?  

Bluebird takes the guesswork and the stress and anxiety out of any type of bad weather event and restoration project. Just check out our numerous reviews to see how working with the Bluebird has turned out for countless numbers of homeowners in our over 20 years of business.

These are all questions that race through a homeowners or business owner’s mind. Luckily with Bluebird who has over 25 years of storm restoration experience, you can rest assure you will be in good hands if you elect to go with the Bluebird as your full service general contractor.

After any severe weather event we always recommend having Bluebird come out and do a full, thorough, free inspection before any type of claim is filed.

Bluebird will verify any and all damages and also document the necessary method of repairs to restore the property. This is all types of information you want to have before filing any type of insurance claim.

If you call the insurance company first or too soon and file a claim without a proper inspection, you could be putting yourself at risk for a bad claim if you do not have insurable storm damages.

Bluebird will come out and inspect the entire property and document everything with photos and a report, that arms the homeowner with everything they need. Then if a claim needs to be filed, Bluebird can provide a full replacement estimate for all trades necessary that have been damaged. Then Bluebird can oversee and coordinate full replacement on all trades and provide a satisfaction guarantee.

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